VINYL Thunder Force 4 Soundtrack 3xLP (Limited Edition)


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VINYL Thunder Force 4 Soundtrack 3xLP (Limited Edition)
Soundtrack på Vinyl


VINYL Thunder Force 4 Soundtrack 3xLP (Limited Edition) Specifikationer:
* Soundtracket till Sega Mega Drive storverket Thunder Force IV från Technosoft på vinyl / LP.
* Thunder Force IV kom ut på Mega Drive / Genesis 1992.
* 3 * 12″ 180g.
* Detta är Limited Edition versionen med de blå och svarta skivorna med grå virvlar. (Blue, Black & Grey Swirl Combo)
* Innehåller en Lithographic Print med artwork från spelet.
* Med kommer också en Poster.


The complete score to Technosoft’s classic shooter, newly remastered and pressed on vinyl for the first time.

Originally released on the Mega Drive in 1992 and featuring some of the most ingeniously complex and heaviest compositions to ever be squeezed through an FM sound chip, the music of THUNDER FORCE IV is relentlessly creative and uncompromising throughout; a real technological marvel and a triumph of metal against the odds. It thoroughly deserves the cult status it now holds and we are thrilled to be releasing it.

THUNDER FORCE IV is presented as a triple 180g LP, featuring 38 in-game tracks and 10 unused (Omake) tracks, all of which were sourced from the original console. It is packaged in a heavyweight single pocket sleeve, accompanied by a lithographic print of the original 1992 US artwork and a foldout poster of the newly-commissioned illustration for the game’s 2018 re-release on Nintendo Switch.


A1. Lightning Strikes Again / A2. Tan Tan Ta Ta Ta Tan / A3. Don’t Go Off / A4. Fighting Back / A5. What!? / A6. Evil Destroyer / A7. Space Walk / A8. Danger!! Danger!! / A9. Attack Sharply / A10. The Sky Line / B1. Air Raid / B2. Simmer Down / B3. Sand Hell / B4. Where!? / B5. Strike Out / B6. Battleship / B7. Stranger / B8. Neo Weapon / B9. Count Down / C1. Great Sea Power / C2. The Breaker / C3. Sea of Flame / C4. Rancor / C5. Metal Squad / C6. Phantom / C7. Down Right Attack / C8. Recalcitrance / C9. The Danger Zone / D1. War Like Requiem / D2. Shooting Stars / D3. Silvery Light of the Moon / D4. Light of Silence / D5. Love Dream / D6. Stand Up Against Myself / D7. Because You’re the Number One / D8. Remember of [Knight of Legend] / D9. The Stars / D10. Dead End / E1. Omake 1 / E2. Omake 2 / E3. Omake 3 / E4. Omake 4 / E5. Omake 5 / F1. Omake 6 / F2. Omake 7 / F3. Omake 8 / F4. Omake 9 / F5. Omake 10


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