GBA Broken Circle


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Info from publisher Piko Interactive

Broken Circle is a previously unreleased game for the Gameboy Advanced developed by 7 Raven Studios.

The game is a turn based RPG which is based in the Norse Mythology.

The tale tells the story of the land of Midgard; it was never a quiet land of peace as many wars have raged in the land. In recent months violence of both man and monster has escalated, monsters have become far more dangerous. Earthquakes began to shake the land. Prophets have claims that this is the sign of Ragnarok, the day where man and monster alike will die in the end. Friends and foes alike will cross your path, will you survive your journey to do battle and vanquish Hagen the wizard necromancer the apparent cause of the disruption in Midgard? Or will the Hunter beast from Hell that is stalking you stop you in your travels?

The product includes:
* Game cardboard box
* Instruction manual
* Game cartridge


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