VINYL Virtua Fighter Soundtrack 2xLP (Orange Marble)

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VINYL Virtua Fighter Soundtrack 2xLP (Orange Marble)
Soundtrack på Vinyl


VINYL Virtua Fighter Soundtrack 2xLP (Orange Marble) Specifikationer:
* Soundtracket till Virtua Fighter på vinyl / LP.
* Virtua Fighter kom ut på Arkad 1993 och revolutionerade fightingspel genren.
* Spelet kom ut på flera Sega konsoler, men det var Sega Saturn versionen år 1994/1995 som var den mest efterlängtade.
* Musiken av Takayuki Nakamura and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi är från arkadversionen på skiva 1 och från Sega Saturn versionen på skiva 2.
* 2 * 12″ LP 180g i Gatefold fodral.
* Detta är den färgade versionen med skivor i Orange Marmor (Orange Marble).
* Med i paketet kommer även en booklet med info och artwork från Segas arkiv.
* OBI-strip.


Ready? The year is 1993, and SEGA AM2, the team known for releasing Virtua Racing the year prior, is about to unleash three-dimensional fury upon your local arcade. Virtua Fighter, the world’s first fighting game presented entirely in 3D, was about to revolutionize arcades worldwide. The game, directed by AM2 founder and series creator Yu Suzuki, featured eight iconic characters, never-before-seen 3D perspectives, and groundbreaking arcade action. The game was soon ported to the Sega Saturn, and it’s initial success launched a franchise now decades in the making. Nearly 30 years later, the iconic soundtrack to that first game, composed by Takayuki Nakamura and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, is now available on vinyl. Nakamura-san first composed the music for the Model 1 arcade release, and Mitsuyoshi-san later arranged and diversified the music for the Sega Saturn release. Experience the game’s iconic soundtrack-with character themes and iconic sound effects-across two LPs, with large format artwork, and newly remastered sound.


1. Advertize
2. Game Start
3. Jacky
4. Jeffry
5. Sarah
6. Kage
7. Pai
8. Wolf
9. Lau
10. Akira
11. Continue
12. Name Entry
13. Sega Am2 Logo
14. Game Start/dural
15. Jacky
16. Jeffry
17. Sarah
18. Kage
19. Pai
20. Wolf
21. Lau
22. Akira
23. Name Entry
24. Game Over Sound Effects
25. Victory
26. Loss


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