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MD Duke Nukem 3D


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Denna titel är en del av vår NyaRetroSpel avdelning där vi samlar alla nyutgivna spel som ges ut till retro konsoler.

This title is part of our NewRetroGames department where we gather all newly published games for retro consoles.

Duke Nukem 3D is a port, or maybe a demake, from the PC version to the Sega Genesis. The game has been officially licensed by 3DRealms and partners. Previously only available in Brazil, it is now brought to the US and Europe by Piko Interactive.

Duke Nukem 3D features a much simplified game engine to meet the Sega Genesis limitations, yet catches some of the original design’s feel. The engine is on par with the very few other 3D action first person games on the platform, and has some advantages over them, such as larger view with acceptable frame rate.

The game only contains the second of the three episodes of the original game. This episode is called Lunar Apocalypse, and the levels are fully redesigned to work with the new game engine.

Take a note that the game is designed to be used with old CRT TVs with composite video or RF connection. There are vertical stripes seen on modern displays and screeshots, they’re supposed to blend into extra shades of color on such old TVs.

Game features:
• 6 weapons plus mighty boot
• 9 levels of very challenging gameplay
• Recognizeable sprites, textures, and samples from the original version, including Duke’s voice
• On-screen rotating map
• Pseudo 3D first person 16-bit graphics

This product includes:
• Game cartridge
• HIGH QUALITY Sega Genesis case
• Color instruction manual


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