Inside Out Silhouette Mini Poster

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Inside Out Silhouette Mini Poster. Mini Posters (just as Maxi Posters) are of a standard size so it is easy to find frames for them. They can be put on the wall as they are, but they are also easily framed for those that prefer that.

Inside Out Silhouette Mini Poster specifications:
* Dimensions for Mini Posters are 40 * 50 cm.
* High quality print on 150 gsm paper.
*  Officially licensed product.
* Delivered in hard paper tube to arrive safely.

Walt Disney Animation Studios has made animated feature films since 1937 when they released their first movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In the 30s the movies were animated by hand and this would be the model for a long time going forward. Around the time of the Millennium the movies from Disney went over from being made by hand to being computer animated.


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