Pokemon Gen 1 Starters Set of 5 Postcards

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Pokemon Gen 1 Starters Set of 5 Postcards
Make someone you like really happy by sending them one of these nice postcards with an uplifting message!

Pokemon Gen 1 Starters Set of 5 Postcards specifications:
* Five postcards with different designs on each of them.
* High quality paper : 280 g/m² with laminated finition. Offset printing process.
* Dimensions : 14.8 x 10.5 cm. Standard size for postcard.
* Delivered in gift packaging.
* Officially licenced product.

Pokemon came out for the first time in 1996 for the Nintendo Game Boy. It was released in two versions, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red. The two versions had slightly different content. Game Boy was at this time an older system and did not get frequent high budget releases. Pokemon changed all this and revitalized the whole portable gaming market in general and Game Boy in particular. Since 1996 sequels have arrived frequently, constantly updating and improving gameplay. Games have been released for all Nintendo formats but particularly for the portable game systems. Pokemon is today the second most successful gaming franchise in history with over 300 million sold copies, only beaten by Nintendo’s Super Mario series. The people in the Pokemon world are Pokemon Trainers, always looking for new Pokemon to catch. The Pokemon are then trained to battle against the other trainers’ Pokemon.


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