Big Bang Theory Bazinga 25mm Pin Button Badge

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Brighten up your backpack, your jacket, or any other item of clothing with this The Big Bang Theory Bazinga 25mm Pin Button Badge.

The Big Bang Theory Bazinga 25mm Pin Button Badge specifications:
* Badge that measures 25 mm across.
* Officially licensed product.

The Big Bang Theory is about nerds and roommates Leonard and Sheldon. Together with their friends Howard and Raj they work as teachers and researchers at the university in Pasadena, California. They all love everything in nerd culture and science. They are all brilliant, but they have problems growing up and to become adults. They have even more difficulties meeting girls. One day Penny, a young waitress with Hollywood dreams, moves in in the apartment next door. Penny is their straight opposite in many ways. She has no higher education and always have problems with her economy. On the other hand she has a background among the cool kids in school growing up. The meeting with Penny is a collision of two worlds and both parties have a lot to learn from each other.


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